Evening Walk

I love going for walks in the evening! It was chilly out and the wind was whipping around a bit (especially on the way home), but I managed to stay warm enough and logged in 45 minutes! With the15 minute round trip walk to the shopping plaza earlier, that puts me at 60 minutes of exercise today!

As the evening winds down, I’m having a light, healthy snack and a mug of green tea (and don’t worry, that’s the tea bag you see floating in the mug – I love my green tea strong).

Banana and berry bowl + green tea

Banana and berry bowl + green tea

I cut up a banana, then decided it looked a little plain so I added 2 sliced strawberries and a tiny handful of blueberries to liven it up! Delicious! And yes, that bowl is tiny! I went to the dollar store today and picked up two of those. They hold about one cup each, so it’s perfect for things like yogurt or berries! I also grabbed two larger glass bowls that will work well for cereal or soup, and got four containers for spices. I needed something small without shaker tops (oregano, parsley and rosemary don’t fit through the small holes) so I found tiny glass bowl-shaped containers with plastic lids! Perfect, and all of this for under $5!

I’m happy to say that I’ve been pretty successful with cutting back on my sugar in tea. I used to drink all types really sweet, but that big mug only has 1 teaspoon in it! I’m working my way down to drinking my green tea black (I occasionally do when I order at Tim Horton’s) and my earl grey with just a teaspoon – I’m still at 2 teaspoons but believe me, that’s much less than what it used to be and I limit myself to one mug of earl grey per day (or less).

I had my boyfriend take some pictures of me tonight. Sadly, I have almost no progress shots. I think I was afraid to take a ‘before’ shot in case I never had an ‘after’ shot that looked different – I wasn’t very confident in my ability to lose weight initially! I also hated having full-body pictures taken at my highest weight. But at least I have these pictures now, at my current weight of 147.5 pounds! So when I’m down to 140, hopefully I can compare and see some differences even if they are minor. I definitely know some areas have seen changes – I look downright tiny on my top half now compared to before!

Anyway, I still have a few things to do before bed so I should sign off. Thankfully I don’t have Monday classes so my reading week is a little longer!


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