The First Step

Here begins the final stage of my journey to a healthy and active life!

You can read all about my beginnings on the ‘About’ page.

After being at home for reading week and falling off the wagon a bit, I was looking forward to having a fresh start when getting back to school. On Friday, I did fairly well, although I gave into temptation and had a cookie. Today, though, I’m not doing any of that! I plan on eating as healthy as I can this next week as a way to make up for it.

So far today I’ve had:
~Oatmeal with brown sugar
~A ham sandwich on sunflower flax bread with low-fat mayo, cheddar cheese and spinach
~A bowl of strawberries and blueberries

Dinner will probably be a chicken breast, a sweet potato (I still need to Google how to cook this, or if all else fails, call my mom!) and some asparagus. For a snack later, some vanilla yogurt and perhaps a mug of the low-cal hot chocolate that I got yesterday.

I lucked out a lot at the grocery store this week. I got a ton of fresh produce (which makes me crave summer all the more) – asparagus, romaine lettuce, broccoli, strawberries, sweet potatoes. Combine that with the spinach, blueberries, baby carrots and bananas my mom sent me and I’ve got a ton of healthy stuff to choose from. I’ve also got the usual frozen peas and beans. In the summer, when produce is cheaper (and when I have more money), I’m hoping to have a fridge full of stuff like this every week. I’m already planning at least bi-weekly visits to the farmer’s market in St. Jacobs once local produce is available.

As for staying active today, I’ve already spent an hour cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the main floor and throwing on a couple loads of laundry. Later I plan on a walk and some strength training. Finally, I’m going to wind down the evening by watching this week’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen that I recorded but haven’t found time to watch!


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